Testosterone I/O Review

ImageThat is an objective (study: fair) critique of the acclaimed organic testosterone program called Testosterone i/o.

You may have this healthy skeptic question, if you landed to this site from Google:

Response: This very site that you are reading is devoted to testosterone and the best way to increase it naturally. I as the author am pretty much known to deliver bullshit evidence content to my visitors and that is the primary reasons why you will not be finding any fluff or cheesy sales pitches on this review.

NOTE: This critiques is ¬†100% honest. Plus the whole program that I am reviewing here comes with Click Bank’s 60 day no qestions asked money-back guarantee ( in case you don’t understand Click Lender, in a nutshell it’s the worlds biggest supplier of digital goods).

Testosterone I/O¬†program by Christopher Walker Testosterone i/o is pretty much the ultimate guide to increasing testosterone naturally. It was composed by a man called Christopher Walker who’s the co host in the famous “Road to Ripped” podcast which can be located on I tunes, and he also blogs at NoGym.Net.

What a lot of guys don’t understand about Chris is that he’s a brain tumor…

… Not only any kind of tumour. As it presses directly against his pituiary gland (the pituitary behind testosterone creation).

Needless to say the tumor was behind his extremely low testosterone degree (11 ng/dl) few years ago.

However despite the fact that doctors told him that mind surgery would be the only option, Walker didn’t give up.

He got into the College of Duke where he furiously researched everything about androderm and the hormone method.

18 months after his tumour was found Christophers blood work demonstrated a complete testosterone amount of 1192 ng/dl. Which is a staggering 1000% more compared to baseline of from which he commenced the entire procedure.

What Is even better is that he made it happen all without any creme, gels, or injections. It was all completed entirely naturally. Heck, he did not even use any herbal medicines to aid the process.

Only changes in lifestyle, diet hacking, and right exercise.

Oh! And did I say that he still has that very same tumour.

It Is the ultimate plan on how exactly to foster natural testosterone in straightforward step-by-stage format. One that every man should read and execute.


Instant access
Total 252 page PDF. Ebook
25 Videos
10 hrs of content
Bunch of reward content about hormones and stuff
Three 6-month training programs
4 Weekly meal plans
Easy to comprehend step by step advice
Bonus software called “No Gymnasium, Perfect Body” (75 webpages long).


The complete program is based on solid science.

Saves you huge quantity of time.

You’ll be the grasp of natural and bodyhacking testosterone after you’re done with that.

Countless other guys have already triumphed with the program.

Even I (after 4 years of research) located loads of new advice in the program.

Not only does it give the step-by-step option to sky rocketing natural testosterone, the plan additionally teaches you the best way to get ripped physique, and how to be extremely healthy as a man.

If you do not enjoy it, you can constantly get your money back (pro-tip: you’ll love it).

There simply isn’t a software to compare against. Testosterone i/o is sort of an unique thing of pure awesomeness.

If you are tremendously active, you might be overwhelmed by the truth that there is over 10 hrs of content in it.

Some guys might locate few of the steps challenging to do. The program is easy to implement nevertheless if you’ve self-command.

The price might look high to some, but if you really imagine all the work that Chris had to do to get the info he presents, the price is practically overly low for me.

Some guys don’t enjoy digital publications & videos. I’m one of them. (however the content is so incredible that I ‘d no troubles reading it with my telephone number I did enjoy the movies).

Absolutely yes. If you desire to increase your testosterone amounts naturally. This system is among the things you virtually “have” to take a gander at. It will teach you the real deal. Instead of that bullshit b ro-scientific discipline you’re probably used to on the net.

It’s Testosterone i/o, if there would be one book that each man should read.

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PS: Chris got his complete testosterone from 11 ng/dl to 1192 ng/dl In 18 Months This is how he achieved it.